Hi, we are Chris and Gera. Professional Wedding Photographers based in Puerto Vallarta, México and Durango.  We like to define ourselves as a highly motivated and emotional photographers whom love to document weddings and experience love in every single portrait made. As a couple we surrender entirely to our feelings so we can shoot the best photo that connects powerfully with your heart.

I Chris; I´m a passionate contemporary dancer, traveler and wedding photographer. 

I Gera; consider myself as a passionate madman of love, I love music, traveling and also watching and playing soccer.


We enjoy traveling together but above all, doing photography together, we feel so united when portraying couples, that we love to fully engage our sensibility and our visual knowledge to the intense feelings you live on that special day.

We would love to learn more about you and your personal and unique love story so we can become the ones who save your ELEFANTE MEMORIES

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